MOONLIGHT CROW original hand-pulled etching print by Mark Lloyd Williams.


Printed onto 300gsm Hahnemuhle Etching paper
PAPER 54 x 60 cm
EDITION OF 50, each signed, titled and numbered on the margin in pencil

IMAGE 39 x 45 cm


Print is mounted on thick, bevel-cut mountboard in a very substantial hand made solid pine frame, stained black with a smooth waxed wood finish. Overall size 69 x 75cm. Aluminium security hanging plates at the back, glazed with 3mm optical grade cast acrylic (preferred by many museums over glass for its enhanced safety and protection factors)

This was made by covering an aluminium plate with a greasy layer known as etching ground, which is baked at high temperature to solidify it into something like hardened wax. The design is then drawn through this ground using a sharply pointed scriber, a pen-like steel needle. The plate is then immersed in a corrosive solution which burns the design into the metal plate. Selective applications of corrosive solution give shading and tone. The metal plate is cleaned, to remove all traces of the printing ground, then inked, and rolled through an etching press in contact with dampened paper. The etching press exerts thousands of pounds pressure forcing the ink from the plate into the paper. You can see the impression of the printing plate "stamped" into the print.